Kolvoz – Call Center, Contact Center & BPO

Kolvoz is a Call Center and BPO, (Business Process Outsourcing) company established in Bogota, Colombia. We bring your sales and customer service strategy to different contact center campaigns. With our service you will have statistics, a controled operation and measurable results for your decision making.

Our Call Center services focus on conducting telemarketing and sales campaigns, positioning and brand recall as well as loyalty and customer services. At the end we work for you to have satisfied and loyal clients, repurchase and more sales.

Kolvoz BPO through its training service staff, will allow you to improve your employees performance and increase productivity of your company.

We are a young, dynamic and efficient company that provides a portfolio of solutions, designed to fit and to add value to your company. We give you valuable information and key success factors, for us with you as a team, to have better results. Our campaigns are tailored to your requirements and your company, giving the importance to every detail, this will be reflected in savings of time and money.

Our objective is increase sales, provide excellent service to your customer, to build loyalty and positioning your brand in the market. We make our campaigns unique to our customers so the staff we have is exclusively for your service and constantly trained to provide you with what we do best.

Kolvoz Call Center – Contact Center, provides Telemarketing, Post-Sales Services and Customer Service. Our goal is to implement our client´s marketing and customer service strategy through different communications channels.

Kolvoz BPO supports your business by outsourcing services such as specialized training and couching, outsourcing staff and events managing.


(+571) 743 0996
Bogota, Colombia. South America
Calle 98 a No 60-31